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  • Trans-Pacific Partnership:
    Trading Away Our Right to Protect the Environment, Animals & Food Safety!

    TPP is an international agreement currently being negotiated by the US and 11 other countries.  Described as  "NAFTA on Steroids", TPP will:

    - give corporations in TPP nations the power to attack other TPP nations' environmental laws in international tribunals, threatening bans on hydrofracking and other dangerous practices.

    - lower or eliminate import tariffs on factory farmed animal products and industrially produced, genetically modified grains, wiping out family farms and expanding market share for he most inhumane and unstainable forms of agriculture.

    - promote "harmonization" of food safety standards, forcing countries to drop bans on the importation of genetically modified food, meat from animals treated with dangerous drugs, and other unsafe foods.

    Watch a rough cut preview of GJAE's short documentary on TPP
    - currently in production:


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    Donate to GJAE's TPP Campaign Fund to support production and distribution of our documentary and our many other efforts against TPP

    Printable Publications on TPP to Read, Print, and Distribute

    Palm Cards
    (2 sided, print 4 to a page on 8.5 by 11 paper - choose black and white or color)

    TPP: Stealth Attack on Climate Justice
    (Front Black & White / Color) * Back

    TPP: Stealth Attack on the Environment
    Front * Back

    Defend Farmed Animals: Stop TPP!
    (front and back are on same sheet - just rotate original to copy second side - black and white only)

    Form Letters
    (2 per page, 1-sided. Print copies, get people to fill them out, and mail them to the address at the bottom of the letter)

    TPP & Hydrofracking

    TPP & Climate Change

    Don't Let TPP Increase Suffering for Farmed Animals, Exacerbate Climate Change, and Undermine Food Safety!

    Save Malaysian Rainforest Wildlife! No Trans-Pacific Partnership!

    Don't Fast Track TPP: The Global Monsanto Protection Act!

    SAVE OUR SHARKS! Don't let the Trans-Pacific Partnership Undermine Efforts to End Shark Finning!

    (2-sided, 8.5 by 11)

    The Trans-Pacific FTA and the Environment (adapted from a factsheet by Citizens Trade Campaign)

    Spanish: El Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico y el Medio Ambiente

    Stop TPP: Chevron's Global Strategy to Escape Accountability!

    Monsanto's Dirty Secret - TPP: Stealth Attack on Our Food, Family Farms, Our Environment, and Democracy
    National Version * New York Metro Version


    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: What it could mean for the Environment (Sierra Club)

    TPP’s Investment Rules Harm the Environment (Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch)

    GeneEthics Factsheet on TPP and Genetically Modified Organisms

    Don't Fast Track Fracking and Unsafe Food (Food & Water Watch)

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Fast Tracking Fracking (Food & Water Watch)

    Half-Page Factsheets
    (2-sided, 8.5 by 5.5 - print same original on front and back of 8.5 by 11 sheet and cut - produces 2 flyers per page after cutting)

    An Explosion of Fracking? One of the dirtiest secrets of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (adapted from a factsheet by the Sierra Club)

    No TPP While Japan Slaughters Dolphins!

    TPP's Threat to Malaysian Wildlife

    News Articles

    2 Articles on TPP and Genetically Modified Foods


    Who’s at the Table? Demanding Answers on Agriculture in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

    Right to Choose GM Free Food on the Line with Free Trade Deal? (Sustainability Council of New Zealand)

    Additional Information
    and Resources on TPP

    Action Alerts

    Rainforest Action Network TPP Alert

    Take Fracking Out of Our Trade Agreements (Sierra Club)

    Keep Shark Fins Off the TPP Chopping Block


    Leesburg Today: Op-Ed: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact: An Affront to Democracy by Allison Chin, President, Sierra Club

    Meet the TPP: A Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions by Laurel Sutherlin, Forest Program Communications Manager, Rainforest Action Network

    Sierra Club NYC Group: TPP: Wrong Trade Deal for the US

    Huffington Post: Senators Agree: Trade Must Protect the Environment by Ilana Solomon, Trade Representative, Sierra Club

    Ran.org: Stop NAFTA on Steroids by Ashley Schaeffer, Rainforest Agribusiness Campagner, Rainforest Action Network

    Earth First! Newswire: New Zealand Is Not for Sale Hikoi Begins Today by Sasha Reid Ross, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

    Earth First! Newswire: New Lawsuit Exposes Rift in Coal Exports Plan by Sasha Reid Ross, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

    East Asia Forum: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the environment and climate change

    Blog Posts

    Council of Canandians: Trans-Pacific investor rights are incompatible with sustainable development

    Friends of the Earth: Proposed trade agreements threaten U.S. environmental policy

    Friends of the Earth: Groups call for end to secrecy in Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations

    Friends of the Earth: Firestorm over Seoul: Lessons for the Trans Pacific Partnership

    Friends of the Earth: Old trade deal wine in new bottle

    Friends of the Earth: Enforceable environmental standards must be included in Trans Pacific trade agreement

    Friends of the Earth: The TPP trade agreement regulatory coherence chapter is an environmental hazard

    Friends of the Earth: Hazmat trade deal: negotiators in San Diego to focus on the TPP investment chapter

    Friends of the Earth: TPP trade negotiations: from Chicago to Dallas to San Diego

    Friends of the Earth: TPP trade negotiations in San Diego: a dagger through the heart

    Friends of the Earth: Protest Trans Pacific trade negotiations in Leesburg Virginia

    Government Statements

    USTR Green Paper on Conservation and the Trans-Pacific Partnership


    Sierra Club TPP Page

    Rainforest Action Network TPP Page

    Friends of the Earth TPP Page

    News Releases

    IFAW Applauds Congressional Leaders As They Urge Strong Environmental Provisions in Free Trade Agreements

    Humane Society International Promotes Wildlife Protection at Trans-Pacific Trade Negotiations

    Friends of the Earth Opposes NAFTA-Style Investment Chapter in Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

    Public Comments

    Comment from Kate Horner, Friends of the Earth

    Comment from Sarah Stewart, Humane Society International

    Comment from Kevin Alie, International Fund for Animal Welfare

    Comment from Michael Hirshfield, Oceana

    Comment from Tracy Reiman, People for the Ethical of Animals

    Reports, Papers, etc.

    TPP Digest: TPP & Environment: The potential to incorporate climate change provisions into the TPP by Tracey Epps, Faculty of Law, University of Otago

    Statements and Letters from Members of Congress

    Wyden Letter on TPP and the Environment


    Testimony of Sarah V. Stewart, Special Counsel, International Trade Policy, Humane Society International Before the Trade Policy Staff Committee

    Friends of the Earth: Peril in the Pacific

    The Sierra Club's Ilana Solomon @ Anti-TPP Rally, Addison, Texas

    TPP: Obama's Secret Plan to Expand Hydrofracking and Mining? (w/ Alisa Simmons (Public Citizen), Ilana Solomon (Sierra Club), Manuel Perez Rocha (Institute for Policy Studies), & Bill Weinberg (World War 4 Report)

    Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is a project of:
    Wetlands Activism Collective
    Phone: (718) 218-4523
    Fax: (501) 633-34761
    activism @ wetlands-preserve.org