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  • No Backroom Deals for Polluters
    and Habitat Destroyers!
    Toxic TPP: Out of the Shadows!

    Week of Action September 8-15

    Sign up to RSVP and receive info on housing, buses, and carpooling for all events
    at http://tradejustice.net/tppform

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed 11 country international deal that is poised to become the largest Free Trade Agreement in U.S. history.  Approximately 600 corporate “advisers” – including representatives of notorious corporate polluters – have been granted access to the negotiating texts of the agreement, while the general public, environmental groups, and even most members of Congress are barred from even reviewing what U.S. negotiators are proposing in our names. 

    If it continues on its current course, the TPP is likely to:
    * encourage an increase in hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, a dangerous procedure that can permanently contaminate water supplies and poison farmland.
    * allow corporations to attack restrictions on the importation of toxic products and poisonous chemicals as “barriers to trade” in international tribunals outside the jurisdiction of the US court system.
    * empower foreign investors to sue our government for prohibiting polluting projects and ecologically destructive resource extraction (and give US investors the power to attack environmental protection in other countries)
    * enable polluters to escape responsibility for remediating toxic sites

    * promote coal exports, encouraging further mountaintop removal mining
    * further endanger critical ecosystems, including Malaysian and Peruvian rainforests and Canadian and Chilean boreal forests.
    * exacerbate climate change, agricultural pollution, and animal suffering by driving a global shift towards increased consumption of animal products, particularly those from factory farms and feedlots. (Animal agriculture accounts for 51% of climate change, according to a paper published by the WorldWatch Institute)

    As the 14th major round negotiations gets under way in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, please join with environmental, labor, public health, family farm, consumer, Occupy and other social justice organizations from September 8-15th for a major mobilization demanding an end to back-room dealmaking for corporate polluters!

    Activities will include:
    September 8th and 9th: Direct Action Training to Stop the TPP Global Corporate Coup!
    Real News Network Building, 235 Holiday Street , Baltimore, MD
    Admission is Free! Housing is provided!
    Details at http://itsoureconomy.us/occupy-the-tpp-stop-the-global-corporate-coup/
    Download a printable flier about the training at http://gjae.org/baltnat

    September 9th @ 3PM: TPP Out of the Shadows! Rally for Good Jobs, Affordable Medicine & A Healthy Environment
    Lansdowne Resort  •  44050 Woodridge Pkwy  •  Leesburg, Virginia (near Washington, DC)

    Details at http://www.citizenstrade.org/ctc/blog/2012/08/09/no-back-room-deals-for-the-1/
    Download a printable flier at http://gjae.org/tppnational

    * Additional creative actions will take place through the negotiations! Attend the direct action training to learn more and fill out the form at the link below to indicate what days you are available to attend events.

    RSVP online at http://tradejustice.net/tppform now for info on carpools, buses, housing, and volunteer opportunities.

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    Wetlands Activism Collective
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